The high quality, carefully selected ingredients used in the manufacture of MASTER'S CHOICE and in particular the L-Carnitine, which is a totally natural, non-toxic Swiss-formulated biogenic performance enhancer and energy optimiser, makes it an ideal food not only for pets, but also for high performance dogs. Numerous reports of success attributed to enhanced performance and outstanding condition achieved by feeding working and show dogs on MASTERS CHOICE, are regularly received from satisfied customers. The following are just a few examples:



All puppies grow and develop very fast during the first year and particularly the first 6 months of their lives. During this time they have higher requirements for essential nutrients and energy than later in life. The nutritional needs of small and medium breed puppies are however different to those of large and giant breed pups. Smaller breeds have higher energy needs per unit of body weight than large breeds. In large and giant breed puppies the growth rate should be slowed down to help prevent certain skeletal and developmental diseases such as hip dysplasia. This is achieved by restricting the calcium content and energy density of their diet. To ensure correct muscular and skeletal development, puppies should therefore be fed a balanced, highly digestible food with optimum (not excessive) levels of protein and minerals formulated specifically for dogs of their expected mature size and weight.

MASTER'S CHOICE PUPPY has been specially formulated to suit the nutritional needs of small and medium breed growing puppies, adolescents and pregnant and lactating bitches..


Very old but still healthy dogs (i.e. not suffering from conditions such as chronic renal failure) should be fed a diet that helps prevent the decline in muscle and bone mass which comes with old age. At the same time the development of obesity due to a slow-down in their basal metabolic rate and their decreased energy requirements, should be avoided. This indicates a diet where the percentage of calories obtained from high quality protein is slightly higher than that of a food formulated for adult maintenance. At the same time the amount of fat in the diet should not be too high. Gamma- linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid) is of particular importance in the diet of elderly pets. MASTER'S CHOICE BREEDERS is therefore an ideal food for geriatric dogs. `

Fourteen years old and still going strong!

Marlien Heystek's Ch JOLYT LIQUORICE AD, who has been fed on MASTER'S CHOICE BREEDERS and is living proof of the benefits of this diet for elderly dogs.


Most adult dogs kept as pets are, like their owners, not very active and live rather sedentary lives. Obesity is therefore a very common problem in the adult dog population. In addition to regular exercise, adult pet dogs who are not high performance dogs, not pregnant nor nursing puppies, require proper quantities of a high quality, balanced maintenance food specially formulated to maintain the ideal body weight of "normal" dogs. MASTER'S CHOICE NORMAL is such a food.

Spokie and Tinkie are two rescue dogs who landed in the lap of luxury when given a loving new home by Louis Kloppers and his wife. MASTER'S CHOICE NORMAL provides them with all the nutrients required to help to keep them trim and healthy, full of energy and with shiny coats and tails that never stop wagging!