According to C Reed Richardson of the Department of Animal Science and Food Technology, Texas Tech University, there is no other factor directly or indirectly related to the proper nutrition and high performance of animals that is more critical than feed quality control and ration consistency. 

MASTER'S CHOICE has a comprehensive quality control policy, which is rigidly adhered to. The quality control program is directed at ensuring the quality of both incoming raw materials and the finished product. Representative feed samples and raw material samples are submitted to the Central Agricultural Laboratories (CAL) for analysis on a monthly basis. 

Raw materials are monitored for colour, insect manifestation, foreign materials, texture deviations, lumps, rancidity, mouldiness, taste, smell, moisture and temperature build-up. In addition raw materials are analysed to determine their nutrient levels, e.g. the protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus content of meat meals. 

The finished dog food samples are analysed to establish whether nutrient levels are correct.